About Us

The Blackstone Innovation School is committed to preparing our students for the world of tomorrow. The Blackstone team of parents, educators and community members endeavors to foster a nurturing, interactive, diverse, collaborative and academically rigorous learning experience for all students. We expect our students to become critical thinkers and responsible community leaders who are respectful of the backgrounds and ideas of others. 

Underpinning this mission is our school principle of “Ubuntu”: We are who we are because of each other and our core values of respect, unity and excellence.

School Vision

We are building deep, broad capacity to sustain transformation for the long-term by increasing consistency of “impressive” instruction and working in partnership with students, families, staff, and partner organizations to promote attendance, positive behavior, social-emotional wellness, and learning.
Our vision for every student and family at the Blackstone Innovation School is that he or she is challenged with rigorous curriculum that is fully aligned with the Common Core Standards, immersed in experiences that help to develop an insatiable curiosity about the world around him or her and a strong desire to succeed no matter the challenge or the odds.  Students will be surrounded by a circle of teachers, school leaders, parents, organizations, community members and volunteers who will work together to provide this holistic experience for our students as seamlessly as possible.

School Mission

The Blackstone Innovation School community is a dynamic family that, through our connections, exists to transform lives.  We work together to foster the core values that lie within us: respect, unity, and excellence.  We support every student for success by cultivating partnerships and offering an emotionally safe environment that supports the entire school community while delivering a high quality education. Our students come to school with a broad range of experiences, cultures, home languages, abilities, and means of communicating; we believe this variability offers opportunities for students and staff to learn from one another, to develop understanding, to honor our differences, and to practice empathy. As adults in the community, we want to help all our students learn to make positive choices to move toward their personal, academic, and career goals – without limiting where those choices might take them.

What makes our school special?

  • Early Childhood education programs (for students aged 3-5) accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

  • Berklee College of Music instrumental music program for students in grades 4-5
  • Physical education, swimming, art, science, social studies, technology, and music
  • Power Lunch, Big Brother, Big Sister and City Year mentoring programs
  • Partnerships with several local neighborhood academic and enrichment after school programs
  • Technology Goes Home for grades 4–5: parents and students take classes; upon completion, families may purchase a new computer for $50 and get help finding low-cost Internet service
  • Quarterly family nights with various themes: academic night, multicultural dinner, and wellness night
  • Primary Care, dental care, and counseling for students and families through the Dr. Gerald Hass School-based Health Center, a state-of-the-art facility located in our building
  • Facilities: auditorium, library, playground, computer lab, pool, cafeteria, music and art rooms, yoga studio and gymnasium
  • St. Stephens staffs our library with volunteers, many of whom are retired librarians!
  • K-8 Pathway: Blackstone 5th graders are guaranteed assignment to grade 6 at the Timilty Middle School.

Special academic programs:

  • Integrated early childhood, K0-K2 (ages 3-5): 4 classrooms
  • Strand of inclusion classrooms for students with special needs expanding from KO to1st grade in SY15-16, with full-time Inclusion Strand support specialist
  • Strand of classrooms for students with multiple disabilities from K0-5th grade, with full-time MD strand support specialist
  • English as a Second Language classes and workshops for our parents to stay involved
  • City Year, Generations, Inc. and Boston Partners in Education provide in-class support

Before and after school programs in our building:

  • Before school: Monday-Friday, 7:15-8:20; $5 per day
  • After school: City Year Starfish Program, grades 3-5, Monday-Thursday, free; IBA after school program, grades 1-2 English language learners 
  • (At least five other local programs pick students up at the Blackstone for after-school care.)

Our partners:

We have strong partnerships with many local community organizations and agencies which help us support “the whole child” by providing a variety of academic, enrichment, health, and family supports. We convene our partner organizations twice a year to learn about “the state of the school,” understand the school’s annual priorities and how their organization can support them, and network with one another to forge connections between programs. 

Some of our fabulous partners include: Berklee College of Music, Big Brother & Big Sister Associations, Boston Partners in Education, City Year, Generations, Playworks, South End Community Health Center, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion (IBA), Blackstone Community Center, Citi Performing Arts Center and Art Resource Collaborative for Kids.

Please click here to find out more information about one of the many partners of the Blackstone.